MetroSidebar Docs


MetroSidebar Tile Store

The MetroSidebar store is a place for users to find tiles, and for developers to reach new users. The store is available on the desktop (included with every new install of MetroSidebar).

With the store, users can:

  • Searchable tiles
  • Browse categories (eg. Most Installed)
  • Tile detail page with description, previews and user ratings.

In order for a tile to be included in the store, developers must provide tile related information , and store related assets (previews), through the MetroSidebar developer dashboard.


Your tile's name must be unique and between 2 and 40 characters. Please keep the following in mind when choosing your tile’s name:

  • Distinct and unique is better than generic
  • Short and medium length names are best
  • Cannot violate the trademark of a third party
  • Cannot include the word "MetroSidebar"
  • Cannot be changed once published


Your tile's description is a full-length description of its features and functionality. It is limited to 1,024 characters. Keep the following in mind when writing your tile's description:

  • Only three lines of the description are initially visible on the tile’s detail page - that’s about 108 characters - before users are shown a the tile's detail page
  • HTML/links are not allowed, use plain-text
  • Spelling and grammar is important and will be evaluated during the review process
  • Your tile must be accurately represented by your description


Previews of your tile are displayed in its tile details page or in the tiles browser. You must provide at least one preview.

The Previews requirements are as follows:

  • Required width at least 264px
  • Max file size is 2MB

When designing your previews, please keep the following in mind:

  • Show the most interesting parts of your tile
  • Use one preview per image
  • Scale down your previews if needed, but keep content readable
  • Do not use strokes around the preview image
  • Avoid using text, let the previews speak for themselves

Publishing your tile

Once you are done developing your tile and are ready to publish it, submit it through the MetroSidebar developer dashboard where it will undergo a Review Process. The outcome of the review process is sent to you via email and usually takes a day or two.

If your tile is approved it is automatically packaged on the server and it will appear in the store within 24 hours (you can stop publishing your tile at any time from the developer dashboard).

If your tile was not approved, do not be discouraged! The email will have clear instructions on what changes must be made to ensure your tile is approved. Simply make those changes and submit your tile again. It will once again enter the Review Process.

Submit your new tile

Update your existing tile

  • Create a Zip file of your tile's root directory
  • Sign in to the MetroSidebar Developer Dashboard and click on the status link of your tile, then select ‘Update’ from the menu.
  • Follow the instructions on the page and submit your tile
  • You’ll be notified once your tile has completed the Review Process